About Learning Circles

Learning Circles are about gathering collective wisdom from a group, creating shared understanding, and opportunities for furthering our knowledge through collective experiences.

Learning Circles have 4  steps: Reflection, Learning, Planning, and Action.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 6.31.03 PMJust like circle times offer opportunities for young children to learn, share, and grow; workshops offer educators opportunities to become actively involved in extending their learning.  The goal is to help educators become increasingly intentional and reflective as they build upon their knowledge and learn additional skills they can add to their practice.

Each workshop is tailored to meet the learning goals of the group.  Participants and encouraged to ask questions, reflect on their own experiences and share techniques.  Workshops are highly interactive with a balance of creating shared background knowledge, interactive activities that help participants make connections and research-informed strategies that offer practical suggestions that are easily implemented in all settings.  The presenter encourages active participation and works hard to create an atmosphere of shared learning.

Workshops follow adult learning principles and offer hands-on experiences that increase content knowledge.  Workshops include opportunities for participants to describe common knowledge and create shared understanding, apply knowledge to new situations, explore new ideas or concepts and evaluate different strategies.   Finally, participants have an opportunity to apply their new knowledge to create their own action plans for enhancing their teaching.